Maintain Flooring in High-Traffic Areas

Maintain flooring in high traffic areas with routine cleaning.

If you have a high-traffic area in your office you’ve seen the damage your floors get, slowly but surely you’ll get a new scratch here and there, maybe even stains or scuffs.  We know you want to keep your business looking the best it can so we have some tips for you, don’t worry we are experts so you can bet these tips are solid.

Routine Cleaning

Ideally, having a daily cleaning routine for your floors would be the best bet to keep your floors looking new for a long time. Depending on the type of floor, and weather some lobbies for example could need cleaning every few hours and also need to be cleaned differently like hardwood floors vs carpets.

For hardwood floors, sweeping every few hours to remove dirt that can scratch it would be best and after the high-traffic rush is over, mopping is necessary so you can keep your floor extra clean. For places with carpet in entrances or lobbies vacuuming at least once a day can be effective.

Placing Rugs

Here’s a handy tip, if you place a rug or mat in high-traffic areas your floor won’t receive damage from dirt, scratches, or stains, plus a good rug will look nice as well, and they’re easy to clean, and depending on the type of weather (people having muddy shoes for example), but at least once a month a good cleaning will be enough. Just make sure the rugs/mats don’t become a tripping hazard.

Professional Cleaning

All floors should receive a deeper cleaning at least once a year, and NHFS can help you with that, as well as regular routine cleaning, our many years of experience and our professional team members know how to clean every type of floor so you don’t have to worry about it. Contact us for a quote.


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