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In New York, there are always new development projects going on and if you’re planning or currently in the process of building, extending, or renovating some part of your office or building, you know things will get messy on any construction site no matter how small it is, and after the dust settles and the construction is done there’s still a few steps to take before you can start using that new place. but that’s where we come in to offer you our construction cleaning services, so leave your worries behind, we’ll take care of the mess.

From washing all surfaces (flooring and carpeting) and vent fixtures to high dust removal from ceilings and light fixtures to detailed construction cleaning, a construction clean-up can save you a lot of time and money. It may seem obvious, but hiring specialized construction cleaning services can make a huge difference in the last stage of your construction project.

Pros in the Industry

With over 50 years of cleaning up construction sites, we have built a team and equipment of highly skilled professionals that can work with any custom cleaning needs, regardless of the size. Specialized in construction cleaning we ensure that all your expectations are met to the most exact specifications, adhering always to quality and safety standards.

Safety First

It might be easy to maybe hire your employees or some other independent contractor but it’s unlikely the work will be done correctly and safely. Since we are experienced professionals we put safety first on our workers to avoid any danger to our employees or you. Avoid any accidents with amateur cleaners and rest assured we’ll do the work right and fast.

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