3 Top Areas of Building Spring Cleaning

With all the other things business owners and entrepreneurs have on their plates, it can be hard to put cleaning and organization on the list of priorities. But these aren’t just “nice-to-haves.” An orderly and tidy workplace improves productivity, boosts morale and reduces absenteeism.

For facility managers, spring is a season of opportunity. While you may not have an official “spring cleaning” in your building, the season is a great time to enhance the appearance of your facility, prepare for the hot months ahead, and get proactive with your maintenance.

While the thermometer may make you feel as if you have plenty of time, spring is, in fact, on its way. Start making a plan to address these top areas of attention!

1 Check for damage from freezing

This is one of the biggest issues we see, and it affects everything from your parking lot to your foundation. Gutters and drainage pipes, as well as concrete and asphalt surfaces with cracks and expansion joints all can be damaged from freezing temperatures and expanding ice. Pay extra attention to concrete sidewalks and steps to ensure your exterior is safe for your guests.

Be sure to check irrigation lines and exterior hose shut-offs, both of which can be damaged by winter weather. And don’t forget to perform an inspection of your foundation and vertical walls, which can crack from settlement or freezing conditions. These can also lead to mold and mildew from any moisture that enters through the cracks.

Finally, give your roof plenty of attention to check for any damage due to ice dams or snow. From leaks and mold to complete collapse, this is one area where proactive maintenance is most important. (And while you’re up there, look for any chipped paint, damaged siding, cracked windows and drainage issues.)

2 Carpet & Upholstery: Go deep to remove the harsh damage of winter

The winter months tend to be the hardest months for facility carpets. Moisture, mud and debris assault carpets at higher quantities in the winter and get ground in deeper as the result of stomping or wiping feet. Your carpet might even get hit with snow or salt, further marring its appearance and potentially causing long-term damage. It’s around this time that building owners call a professional carpet cleaning service.

It’s not just your carpets that need a deep cleaning in the post-winter months; it’s your upholstery too. All that extra dirt and moisture that tends to make its way inside in the winter (not to mention germs and dead skin cells) also impacts the furniture in your building.

Don’t make the common mistake of overlooking your facility’s furnishings with your spring-cleaning efforts. Whether you have upholstered or leather furniture, a professional cleaning will leave it looking less old and dusty and more vibrant.

3 Windows: Let the sunshine in!

Clean, streak-free windows contribute to an overall positive impression of your facility, and the added brightness gives a psychological boost to staff and visitors.

Whether harsh or mild, winter weather can leave the exterior of your building looking, well, weathered. Buildings with a lot of windows tend to bear the brunt of it. You may not even realize just how much natural light you’re losing due to that film on your windows.

Now’s the perfect time to schedule a full window washing and exterior pressure washing to scrub away the buildup from winter and give everything a nice shine. Your clean windows will also better showcase the extra sunlight that comes with the longer days of spring and summer—something your customers and employees will certainly appreciate!

Need help with your Spring Cleaning? North Hills Facility Services, Inc. is a full-service building maintenance contractor servicing the Metropolitan New York area for over 47 years. Give us a call or get an instant quote

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