3 Tips To Prevent Illness in Office Buildings

Did you know that approximately 65% of employees show up sick to work? This, beside being bad for the employee’s health, is also dangerous for the co-workers and for the business itself.

Offices are one of the spaces in which people tend to contract different types of germ related illnesses more easily, however, keeping a clean office environment will help prevent this problem and avoid considerable health-related productivity losses.

Here are five tips you could apply in your office to maintain it germ-free:

1. Carry out a full service office cleaning

You could use as many disinfectant wipes as you want, but nothing will ever compare to hiring professional office cleaning services in which professional janitors ensure every area of your office building is properly cleaned and disinfected with the right materials for each specific area. From kitchen maintenance to carpet cleaning, to window cleaning and graffiti removal, hiring a building maintenance contractor can do wonders for your company, not only will it keep it clean and free from hazardous bacteria, it will also create a clean and harmonious environment to work.

2. Install hand sanitizing gel dispensers

Hand sanitizing gels are a great to have around in an office, although they don’t replace soap and water, they can be used as an extra disinfectant in kitchens, canteens, inside offices or halls. This will provide employees and visitors with a quick way to keep their hands clean without having to make a trip to the restroom every time.

3. Keep sanitizing wipes

Keep sanitizing wipes around available for everyone and encourage employees to wipe their desks at least three times a week. This will drastically reduce the chances of getting a cold or gastrointestinal infection.

Keeping your office building clean is everyone’s responsibility and having the necessary information, tools and the right products and services is key to make this happen.

If you want to take the necessary steps towards a cleaner work environment, give us a call at (516) 364-2800, our professional janitorial team will be happy to provide you with the best office cleaning services in New York.


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